Created in the summer of 1990 to offer Edinburgh’s disassociated and disenfranchised a fuck you to the world, Opium became the capitals first dedicated venue for growling vocals, apathetic angry lyrics, distorted guitar riffs, emphatic beats and overall loudness.

With an ethos often imitated but never equaled of: WE DON’T DO POP; WE DON’T DO  R’n’B; AND IF YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO HOUSE, FUCK OFF BACK TO ONE – Opium remains the epicenter of rocks subculture in the city and is still Edinburgh’s only dedicated 24/7 rock club.

Open from 8 till late, 7 nights a week, with free entry every night – NO BULLNO CATCH

If you are interested in playing at the venue, take a look at our tech specs, and get in touch to play!

Venue Spec


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Opium Club Bar
71 Cowgate

0131 225 8382